"To remove the old, Make way for the new." 2 Corinthians 5:17


About Us

Fehr Shredding is a company that specializes in the removal of old greenhouse crop to make way for the new. They have been in operation since 2003. The Greenhouse industry is time driven, often Greenhouses are left losing time as they scramble to dispose of the crop after harvest.

Fehr Shredding closes the gap between the old and the new crop by using their innovative machines that shred the old crop.

Our Mission

Fehr Shredding is looking to partner with Greenhouse businesses, because when greenhouses are successful, so are we.

At Fehr Shredding, our mission is to be reliable and operate our business with the utmost responsibility, and integrity.

Our Story

Fehr Shredding was established in 2003, our founder saw the desperate need for crop removal services. He started to build the machine, many revisions were needed, it wasn't easy, but soon, due to the amount of over 3000 acres of greenhouses in Leamington alone, the need for crop removal was great, we were able to add more and more machines and build great relationships with farmers in the area.


With our team of professional machine operators, we can safely and quickly clear out an acre an hour of any given greenhouse.

Having multiple machines gives us the ability to work on multiple sites at a time. this makes us the most efficient greenhouse clearing system around.


So if you're looking to shred your turn around time partner with Fehr Shredding. Lets grow your business together. Give us a call today, and schedule your crop removal. We won't let you down.






Ruthven, Ontario